Bearing Mobius (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,86 g
RELEASE DATE : December 10, 2022

Description of Bearing Mobius Driver

Released with the B-206 Barricade Lucifer Illegal Bearing Mobius-10 Booster as part of the Burst Ultimate system on December 10, 2022, Bearing Mobius is a defense type Performance Tip.

It is an upgraded variant of the Mobius Performance Tip, with added ball bearings supporting the tip, similar to Bearing Performance Tip. This driver sits at a tall height and features a free-spinning conical sharp tip. The tip is a low angled free-spinning disc, with a small, sharp cone protruding in its center. Compared to its predecessor Mobius, the sharp tip protrudes more, making Bearing Mobius slightly taller, by 1,5 mm.


The very sharp tip of Bearing Mobius results in low levels of friction, increasing stamina potential. Stamina potential is further increased by the addition of ball bearings.

Ball bearings create less friction between the shaft and the tip, which improves the free-spin of the tip. Therefore, due to the minimal friction with the stadium floor and the improved free-spinning nature of the tip, Bearing Mobius has excellent stamina potential.

Furthermore, the low levels of friction result in better burst resistance, and the wide free-spinning tip helps the combination to remain stable.

However, the low friction combined with the improved free-spinning nature of the tip result in poor Knock-Out resistance, similar to Bearing.

The free-spinning nature of the tip combined with its tall height make Bearing Mobius an excellent option in opposite-spin battles. Its attributes make this Performance Tip a great choice to counter spin-stealing/spin equalizing combinations. When compared to its predecessor Mobius, Bearing Mobius is slightly better in same-spin battles, but it is slightly weaker in opposite-spin battles.

Final Thoughts on Bearing Mobius

Bearing Mobius is a strong Performance Tip, designed to excel in opposite-spin battles. This driver has enough stamina potential to be used in a competitive environment, making it a great addition in a player’s collection.

However, Performance Tips such as Bearing Drift and Drift or Metal Drift are safer options, being more reliable than Bearing Mobius in same-spin match-ups.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the Bearing Mobius Performance Tip in the following products :

Burst Ultimate

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