Wave (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 8,2 g
RELEASE DATE : August 8th, 2020

Wave driver

Description of Wave

Wave features a very small and sharp plastic tip barely protruding from a flat round base. This lower part of the driver is sitting right under a wide fixed plastic ring, preventing it from tilting or spinning. This performance tip is also characterized by its height, making it one of the tallest drivers in Beyblade Burst.

In theory, Wave is intended to work as a balance type performance tip, because of the different parts able to make contact with the stadium floor. It has a sharp tip for stamina, protruding from a round base for acceleration, surrounded by a ring for defense. In reality, even though Wave can engage a battle with slightly agressive moves (for a very limited amount of time) with a banked shot, Wave mostly behaves as a stamina driver.

Wave is a very unique and “odd” performance tip, because it tends to be at its best against very good stamina drivers, but it looks poor when facing average stamina or defense performance tips. Looking at our test battles, it seems that Wave’s real strength lies in its capacity to destabilize opponents using sharp stamina performance tips.

Against same-spin stamina combinations, battles typically start with Wave imposing itself in the stadium’s center, slowly pushing its opponent aside. Once the opponent tries to fight its way back to the center, it will start to tilt, more and more until it is completely destabilized. We saw this result with consistency using competitive combinations using drivers such as Bearing’ and High Xtend+’. When finishing the battles, it looked like Wave’s plastic ring added a reasonable amount of LAD (Life After Death) to the combination, but nothing spectacular.

It may look great at first glance, but Wave also has its weaknesses. In the aforementioned scenarios, against drivers such as Bearing’ and High Xtend+’, Wave ended up struggling on rare occasions, destabilizing itself in the latter stages of the battle, ironically in the process of destabilizing its opponent. Furthermore, if Wave has to face a combination that is harder to destabilize, using any kind of rounder, ball-shaped driver, then Wave tends to struggle. Therefore, Wave can beat top tier driver such as Bearing’ and High Xtend+’ and then lose to defense type performance tips such as Atomic or Universe.
Against opposite-spin opponents, we could not find a combination that works with consistency using Wave.

Against attack type combinations, we would hope that the plastic ring could support the combination, adding substantial defense potential. Unfortunately, Wave is easily K.O.’d, even by plastic attack performance tips.

Overall, Wave is at its best against same-spin stamina combinations.

Final Thoughts

Wave is definitely a unique performance tip, showing real potential against some of the greatest stamina drivers in the Beyblade Burst system. Nonetheless, it shows too many weaknesses : Wave tends to struggle against defense type drivers and layers, attack type combinations, and opposite-spin combinations. Therefore, Wave can be an interesting addition to your collection, but we cannot recommended it as a must-have.

List of Products

You can find the Wave performance tip in the following products :

  • B-171 Superking Triple Booster Set – Naked Diabolos 11 Wave Goku
  • B-181-04 Random Booster Volume 25 : Hell Kerbecs Giga Wave

Note : a “dash” version of Wave with a reinforced spring has been released in the Astral Spriggan Customize Set