World (Ring)

WEIGHT : Approx. 10 g
Release Date : September 19th, 2020

Description of the World Ring

First released with the B-172 Booster World Spriggan Unite’ 2B as part of the Superking Layer system on September 19th, 2020, World is a dual-spin balance type Ring.

This Ring has a circular shape and four main contact points. Being a dual-spin Ring, it can be used in right-spin or left spin mode. In right-spin mode, World features a design reminiscent of Spriggan Requiem. In left-spin mode, the Ring has a design reminiscent of Legend Spriggan.

The “Burst-Stoppers” Gimmick

Furthermore, World features a gimmick, two “Burst-Stoppers” meant to prevent the combination from bursting. There is one “Burst-Stopper” on each side of the Layer.

These “Burst-Stoppers” are movable plastic “wings”, acting as contact points. These “wings” will be pushed inside the Ring when struck by the opponent. When pushed in, a fairly large plastic tab will momentarily obstruct the path of the Forge Disc (or Double-Chassis), preventing the combination from bursting. The “Burst-Stopper” will move back in its original position right after the opposing Beyblade attack.


Intended to work as a balance type Ring, World has very limited attack potential due to its circular shape and overall design. Both “Burst-Stoppers” are absorbing shocks, and the Ring contact points lack aggressiveness to create decent attack potential.

However, World has high stamina potential, making it a highly competitive Ring. It is best used in spin-stealing combinations : players can use it in left-spin mode against right-spin Beyblades, and right-spin mode against left-spin combos.

Recommended Combination

World is a very popular option in Japan. It has been used with great success in spin-stealing combinations during the Dynamite Battle/Burst Ultimate era, against Blades such as Vanish, Wind, Dynamite + F Gear etc. Japanese players usually combine this Ring with the dual-spin Diabolos Superking Chip, Illegal Forge Disc, 1S Chassis and Metal Drift/Drift Performance Tip.

Final Thoughts on World Ring

Overall, despite its poor attack potential, World is one of the best Rings from the Superking Layer system. It has high stamina potential, low recoil and high burst resistance.

Furthermore, World is good enough to compete with combinations from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate, making it a great option in the current meta-game.

Therefore, World is a must have in any Beyblade Burst collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the World Ring in the following products :


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