Moment’ (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,4 g
RELEASE DATE : October 22, 2022

Description of Moment’ Driver

First released with the B-204 BU All-In-One Battle Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 22, 2022, Moment’ is a defense type Performance Tip. It is the “dash” version of the Moment Perfomance Tip. The “dash” version of a driver has a stronger spring, increasing burst resistance significantly.

This driver features a ball-shaped tip surrounded by a free-spinning bell-shaped plastic ring. The plastic ring can spin freely and tilt at an angle.

The bell-shaped ring is designed to tilt in an effort to re-balance the combination when needed, but past a certain angle, the combo will be completely destabilized. Moment’ can make the combination move in circles, depending on launch power, creating a typical defense type behavior.

Moment’ has high stamina potential. Players who don’t have access to top-tier components such as Drift, High Xtend+’ or Bearing Drift can use Moment’ in a competitive environment in stamina/defense oriented combinations.

Final Thoughts on Moment’ Driver

The stamina levels that Moment’ can produce make it one of the best defense type drivers available. As such, this Performance Tip is not necessarily a must-have for competitive players, who will usually prioritize top-tier stamina drivers, but it is nonetheless a great addition to any player’s collection.

Therefore, Moment’ is a great addition in any Beyblade Burst collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

The Moment’ Performance Tip can be found in the following products :

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