Chain Kerbeus Karma Moment’-3

WEIGHT : Approx. 72 g
Release Date : October 22, 2022

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Description of Chain Kerbeus Karma Moment’-3

Released with the B-204 BU All-In-One Battle Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 22, 2022, Chain Kerbeus Karma Moment’-3 is a gold recolored and heavily modified version of Chain Kerbeus Fortress Yard’-6. See the complete article on Chain Kerbeus Fortress Yard’-6 here.

This Beyblade is the only opportunity to get the Moment’ Performance Tip, a great defense type driver featuring high stamina potential.


This Beyblade has a semi-mobile behavior when launched hard, moving in circles to evade or counter incoming attacks. When launched with moderate force, this stock combination will remain steady in the center area of the stadium.


This Beyblade works as intended, being a strong defense type combination. The Chain Blade’s gimmick helps absorbing shocks, and the “Rubber Lock” featured on the Kerbeus DB Core makes the combination very difficult to burst.

Furthermore, the Moment’ Performance Tip creates high stamina potential, and its “dash” system further increases burst-resistance. The combination of the Chain Blade with Moment’ can have great results.

However, the chain gimmick on the Blade may “help” spin stealing Blades by creating more friction, making Chain vulnerable to such combinations.

How to improve Chain Kerbeus Fortress Yard’-6

Friendly Use

In a non-competitive environment, this combination will have good performances due to its high defense and stamina potentials. However, “3” can be replaced with “0“, “2“, “10” or “6” Armors to have a better weight distribution.

Furthermore, Karma can be replaced with a heavier Forge Disc, such as Fortress, Illegal, Over or Giga.

Competitive Use

This Beyblade features only one highly competitive component, the Kerbeus DB Core. Kerbeus has the best burst-resistance of any right-spin DB Core, alongside Belial 3.

If no better options are available, Chain is a good defense Blade, which can be used to counter top-tier attack combinations.

Furthermore, Moment’ has high stamina, making it viable in defense/stamina oriented combinations if no better Performance Tip is available.

Therefore, players lacking options to fill a competitive Deck may use Chain, Kerbeus, Moment’ and add an Armor such as “0” or “6” and a Forge Disc such as Fortress or Illegal.

Final Thoughts on Chain Kerbeus

Chain Kerbeus Karma Moment’-3 is a strong defense type combination, featuring the excellent Kerbeus DB Core one of the best right-spin DB Cores available in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Furthermore, this Beyblade is the only opportunity to get the dash variant of Moment.

List of Beyblade Burst Components

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