Burst Ultimate VS Set

RELEASE DATE : November 12th, 2022

Description of the Burst Ultimate VS Set

Released on November 12th, 2022 as part of the Dynamite Battle system, the B-205 Burst Ultimate VS Set features two Beyblades and an Ultimate Evolution Gear, VS Gear.

The Beyblades are Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8, the successor to Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0, as well as Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9, a recolored and modified version of Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9.

The “Burst Ultimate” name refers to the name of the series/system as well as the name of the Blades featured in this set : the Burst Blade and the Ultimate Blade.

Furthermore, “VS” refers to “Versus” as well as the name of the Beyblades : “V” for Valkyrie and “S” for Spriggan. Additionally, “VS” is also the name of the Evolution Gear included in this set, VS Gear. This special componnent is an Ultimate Evolution Gear compatible with the Venture and Adventure Performance Tips.

Furthermore, when looking closely at these Beyblades, with Burst Spriggan on the left and Ultimate Valkyrie on the right, players can read “2015”. This is the year Beyblade Burst was created. “2” and “0” are part of the Spriggan 2 DB Core design, “2” can be found on the bottom left, “0” on the upper right of the DB Core. “1” and “5” are part of Valkyrie 2 DB Core design, “1” is on the upper left and “5” is on the bottom right of the DB Core.

Final Thoughts on Burst Ultimate VS Set

Overall, due to the high quality of the Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8 combination and some of its components, this set is a must-have for competitive players.

Furthermore, the recolored (and improved) Ultimate Valkyrie, as well as the VS Gear add great value to this set, making it a great addition for collectors as well.


This Set includes the following items (follow the links for the detailed articles) :


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