Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8

WEIGHT : Approx. 75,8 g
RELEASE DATE : November 12th, 2022
Hasbro Ver. : Bolt Spryzen S8 Xanthus-Q Quattro-Q+Jaggy-1

Description of Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8

Released with the B-205 Burst Ultimate VS Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on November 12th, 2022, Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8 is a balance type combination featuring a dual-spin layer. It is the successor to Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0, and the last Beyblade in the Spriggan line.

Out of the box, Burst Spriggan comes in right-spin mode, looking like the picture above. It is a decent stock combination with good spin-steal potential.

This Beyblade has a traditional balance type behavior, due to the Fusion’ Performance Tip. This means that the behavior of the combination will change depending on the launching technique used. With a flat launch, the combination will remain steady in the center area of the stadium. However, a banked shot can create a flower pattern for a limited amount of time.

Unlike Astral, the Burst Blade has two contact points that are completely covered by rubber, which results in good spin-equalizing potential in both spin directions. Therefore, this combination can be used in right-spin or left-spin modes with good results, making it a great option to counter opposing Beyblades.

Burst Spriggan features a Burst Lock, which increases burst-resistance, but Fusion’ creates limited stamina potential.

How to Improve Burst Spriggan

Friendly Use

In a friendly environment, replacing Fusion’ with a better Performance Tip will vastly improve this combination’s performances. Players willing to preserve Spriggan identity may replace it with Quattro’. This Performance Tip will allow players to switch between four different tips, attack, defense, balance and stamina. Therefore, this driver can be used to counter ay combination type.

Players willing to improve overall performances can replace Fusion’ with any decent stamina type Performance Tip. Bearing’, Bearing Drift, High Xtend+’ are all great options providing high stamina potential. Bearing Drift could be considered as overpowered in a friendly, non-competitive environment. It can potentially break the balance of the rock/paper/scissors nature of the game.

Additionally, players looking for a balanced behavior with more mobility can use Moment. This defense type Performance Tip has high stamina potential, and it creates a semi-mobile behavior.

Competitive Use

Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8 features two components that are considered as competitive : the Burst Blade and the Spread’ Forge Disc. Those parts are great for the competitive meta-game, focused on stamina, spin-steal and LAD.

Burst is usually used in left-spin mode, combined with the Longinus DB Core. Players willing to use Burst as a dual-spin option may want to use Achilles or Spriggan 2 instead, Achilles being the preferred choice.

Armors such as “0“, “2“, “10“, “6” or “4” are all great options for this Layer. Furthermore, Forge Discs such as Fortress, Illegal, Over and Giga are the most popular options in the current meta-game.

Finally, Performance Tips such as Bearing Drift and Drift/Metal Drift are the preferred options in spin-equalizing combos, but drivers such as High Xtend+’ and Bearing’ can have great results as well. Therefore, a competitive combo

Spread’ is usually combined with the World Blade in the World Diabolos combo, a very popular combination in Japan.

Final Thoughts on Burst Spriggan

Burst Spriggan Spread’ Fusion’-8 is a good combination, but its real value lies in some of its components, such as the Burst Blade and the Spread’ Forge Disc. While not very popular in North America, those two components are considered as highly competitive in Japan, and this Beyblade is the only opportunity to get them.

This combo is also a great addition for collectors, being the last Beyblade in the Spriggan line.

Therefore, Burst Spriggan is a must have in any Beyblade Burst collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Components

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.


Burst Spriggan in right-spin mode
Right-spin mode
Burst Spriggan in left-spin mode
Left-spin mode

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