Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9

WEIGHT : Approx. 70 g
RELEASE DATE : November 12th, 2022

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Description of Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9

Released with the B-205 Burst Ultimate VS Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on November 12th, 2022, Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9 is a recolored and modified version of Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9. These combinations have a different Forge Disc and Performance Tip, but their Layer is identical.

References to the Valkyrie Line

The design of this Beyblade is inspired by several Valkyrie models released earlier in the Beyblade Burst generation. Aesthetically, Ultimate Valkyrie is a tribute to the Valkyrie line, blending various designs, colors, accents in one “Ultimate” Beyblade. This “recolored” version preserves the color theme of the Valkyrie line. The main difference is that the DB Core is clear instead of blue, and the Blade features translucent blue parts, which were clear on its predecessor Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9.

First of all, there is clear plastic on all three attack blades, a reference to the original Valkyrie Beyblade. Between these attack blades are small wings, inspired by Winning Valkyrie, and on top of the blades are “air ducts”, a reference to Slash Valkyrie. Finally, there is also a reference to the Savior Blade from B-187 Savior Valkyrie Shot-7, with red rubber on each attack blade. Ultimate’s rubber is much harder than the one previously used on the Savior blade.

Valkyrie 2 DB Core has a reference to Victory Valkyrie with the face designed in a profile view. All Valkyrie cores released after Victory Valkyrie had a head on view design. The center of the DB Core is reminiscent of the Strike God Chip on Strike God Valkyrie, and the mark on the face is a reference to Brave Valkyrie, which also featured this red mark on the cheek.

Wing’ is a heavy and improved variant of the Wing Forge Disc, featured in the original Valkyrie Wing Accel, the first Beyblade released in the Beyblade Burst generation, on July 18th, 2015.

Behavior and Performances

Out of the box, Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9 is a decent attack combination, capable of better performances than Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9. Wing’ is heavier and better than the Legacy Forge Disc, improving the combo performances.

Furthermore, while not top-tier, Accel’ provides mobility, aggressiveness and stamina due to its plastic tip. However, the plastic tip of Accel’ will make flower patterns difficult to maintain. Overall, it may feel easier to control than Variable’, allowing players to create flower patterns and tornado stalls.

How to Improve Ultimate Valkyrie

Friendly Use

Players willing to preserve the Valkyrie identity may replace Accel’ with Reboot’ or Ultimate Reboot’.

Players willing to improve attack potential can use Destroy’ or Xplosion, both having decent stamina and LAD. When playing in the DB standard stadium, the aforementioned Performance Tips can work, and Zone’ or Zone’+Z can be experimented with as well.

Players willing to play with rubber tips in the Standard arena may replace Accel’ with Quick’ or Xtreme’.

Competitive Use

Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9 features two parts that can find use in a competitive player’s deck : the Ultimate Blade and the “9” Armor. The Ultimate blade is a good alternative to Savior as a right-spin attack blade, featuring less recoil but also a lower self-burst risk. The “9” Armor is perfect to create synergy with three sided attack Blades such as Savior and Ultimate.

With the Ultimate Blade and “9”, players have a nice base for a good competitive attack oriented Layer. The DB core choice is not as critical as it used to be with Savior, because Ultimate has less recoil, which decreases self-burst risk. Therefore, the “Burst-Lock” of Belial 2 and Belial 3 is not required, players can pick Perseus for example, a heavy right-spin DB core.

The Forge Disc choice depends on which models players have at their disposal and the other combos they want to use in their deck. As mentioned earlier, Giga, Over, Fortress, Illegal, or even Nexus + S Gear can be experimented with for competitive use. S Gear is usually preferred in fixed mode for attack type combos, but free-spin mode can be useful in opposite spin match-ups.

Players lacking options can use Valkyrie 2 and Wing’ in a competitive environment. While not top tier, these components are decent enough to be used in tournaments.

When it comes to the Performance Tip, Xtreme’ is still the best option, Quick’ being a good alternative. Additionally, Destroy’ and Xplosion can be interesting when facing other attack combinations.

Therefore, an example of competitive combination could be : Ultimate Perseus Illegal Xtreme’-9.

Final Thoughts on Ultimate Valkyrie

Ultimate Valkyrie Wing’ Accel’-9 is a decent attack type stock combination, which performs better than its predecessor Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable’-9 out of the box.

The Ultimate blade along with the “9” armor are both strong additions for competitive player’s collection. Furthermore, this recolored variant of the last model from the Valkyrie line features the unique Wing’ Forge Disc, making it a highly recommendable addition for collectors.

Therefore, Ultimate Valkyrie can be a must-have for competitive players looking for right-spin attack options, and it is a great addition for collectors as well.

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