Rush (Bit)

TIP WIDTH : Approx. 5,5 mm
HEIGHT : 30 mm
WEIGHT : 2 g
RELEASE DATE : November 2nd, 2023

Rush Stats (Official)

AttackDefenseStaminaDashBurst Resistance

Description of Rush

First released in the BX-20 Dran Dagger Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system, Rush (or R) is an attack type Bit.

“R” features a round, flat tip. The tip is not as wide as Flat and Low Flat, creating less friction with the stadium floor. Due to the perfectly flat shape of the tip, it has enough mobility and aggressiveness to ride the X-Line and perform the Xtreme Dash with ease. Like other attack type Bits, the shaft is wider, resulting in increased burst resistance.

Rush “Gimmick”

However, the real particularity of Rush is its gears design. When compared to Bits such as Flat and Low Flat, Rush features only ten gears, while Flat and Low Flat have twelve gears. “R” gears are also approximately 2mm shorter than the ones found on other Bits. This unique design results in the combination riding the Xtreme Line with less speed, decreasing the acceleration and the attack power of the Xtreme Dash.

On the positive side, the decreased acceleration also results in the combination being able to ride the X-Line more often and with more consistency. In testing conditions, with no opposing Beyblade in the stadium, players will be able to perform one or two additional Xtreme Dashes with “R”. This unique behavior significantly reduces self knock-out risk, allowing players to launch the combination with more force and confidence.


However, the smaller contact surface of the tip resulting in lower levels of friction, combinations using Rush will not be as aggressive as Flat and Low Flat. Therefore, while the use of “R” may in theory increase control and the number of Xtreme Dashes performed, it will also slightly decrease raw attack power, making the first crucial attacks of the battle less effective.

Furthermore, the lower friction of the tip slightly increases stamina potential, but it remains outclassed by Taper in that regard.

Wear and Tear

It is worth noting that the repeated contacts between Rush and the X-Line may cause rapid, unusual wear on the tip and gears of this Bit. Therefore, both competitive and non-competitive players may need to have multiple copies of this Bit at their disposal.

Final Thoughts

While Rush is not as aggressive as other pure attack type Bits available, it successfully does what it was intended for. Its unique design make it easier to control, more predictable, significantly reducing self knock-out risk. Depending on the player skills, strength and environment, this Bit can be an interesting option.

Therefore, Rush is a good addition in any Beyblade collection.

List of Beyblade X Products

You can find the Rush Bit in the following products :

Beyblade X

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