Dran Dagger 4-60R

WEIGHT : Approx. 43,2 g
RELEASE DATE : November 2nd, 2023

Description of Dran Dagger 4-60R

Released with the BX-20 Dran Dagger Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Dran Dagger 4-60R is a right-spin attack type combination.

This stock combination is decent out of the box, featuring good Xtreme Gear Sports Parts resulting in a coherent combo. This Beyblade behaves like a typical attack type combo thanks to the Rush Bit, and the Dran Dagger Blade provides good attack potential.

Compared to its predecessor Dran Sword 3-60F, this Beyblade feels less aggressive but also easier to control. The combination can ride the X-Line with ease, allowing it to perform the Xtreme Dash with relative consistency. However, the design of Rush creates less speed than Flat (F) or Low Flat (LF) when riding the Xtreme Line, decreasing the Xtreme Dash attack power.

This Beyblade can have decent results when facing other stock combinations, but it will struggle a bit more than its predecessor Dran Sword against combos using recoil-laden, top tier Blades such as Hells Scythe. The design of this new Blade combined with the behavior of Rush result in more control but less attack power in the early stage of the battle.

Nonetheless, this Beyblade has enough attack power to burst opposing Beyblades, and the control allowed by Rush reduces self-K.O. risk.

How to Improve Dran Dagger 4-60R

This stock combination can be improved in different ways. Players willing to preserve the attack type identity can replace Rush (R) with Taper (T) for more stamina potential, making the combination safer. Players willing to improve the combo aggressiveness can replace Rush with Flat (F) or Low Flat (LF). Low Flat has high friction due to its wide flat circular tip, making it the most aggressive option. The high friction results in less stamina, making it the riskier choice as well.

Furthermore, players willing to use this combination as part of a Deck (competitive or not) may want to keep 4-60 for their stamina/defense combinations. Therefore, the 4-60 Ratchet can be replaced with 4-80 or 3-80.

Another way to upgrade this combination is to replace Rush with Ball. This Bit will create a semi-mobile behavior, allowing to use Dran Dagger Blade attack potential and increase stamina potential significantly. This combo works well against a wide variety of combination types.

Stationary Bits can be experimented with as well, Needle, High Needle and Spike being nice options. However, Dran Dagger tends to be easily destabilized in such combinations.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features two new Parts, offering players additional attack oriented Parts to experiment with.

Therefore, Dran Dagger 4-60R is a nice addition in any Beyblade collection.

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