Knight Shield 5-80T

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,9 g
Release Date : November 2nd, 2023

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Description of Knight Shield 5-80T

Released with the BX-20 Dran Dagger Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Knight Shield 5-80T is a right-spin balance type combination.

This Beyblade takes advantage of the Knight Shield Blade fairly versatile attributes. This stock combination is enjoyable and capable of delivering decent performances. Taper provides enough mobility to ride the X-Line and its stamina potential make it a safe attack oriented Bit.

The result is a combination that can chase any type of combo around the stadium. It can be used as a counter against attack type Beyblades, but it can also deliver strong attacks to stamina/defense oriented combos with a bit of luck.

Blade : Knight Shield

Knight Shield is a right-spin Blade featuring three gaps along its perimeter, creating a tri-wing design while keeping a relatively round yet bumpy shape. This Blade has a very good defense potential, as well as a decent attack potential. It features fairly high recoil, which makes it a great counter to attack type combinations.

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Ratchet : 5-80

5-80 (or Five Eighty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation. This Ratchet features five wide “blades” along its perimeter, and it is 8 mm tall. Its tall height makes it easier to strike from below, increasing burst risk. Therefore, it usually is a preferred option in attack type combinations.

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Bit : Taper (T)

Taper is a balance type Bit. “T” features a narrow circular flat tip with a shallow indentation. The tip angles upwards from the centre, creating a second contact point. This design creates enough mobility to hit the X-Line, while retaining a decent amount of stamina compared to traditional attack type Bits.

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How to Improve Knight Shield 5-80T

This stock combination is actually very interesting, both in terms of behavior and performances. However, the 5-80 and 5-60 Ratchets can significantly decrease a combination stamina potential. Therefore, replace 5-80 with 3-80 may improve this combo. Players who want more aggressiveness can replace Taper with the Flat Bit, but Taper is a safer option.

Furthermore, the Knight Shield Blade can be used in stationary combinations, which can feel like the safest option for many players. Bits such as High Needle allow players to launch with force without fear of spinning out of the center area of the stadium. In this combination, 5-80 can be replaced with 3-60 for better results. If High Needle is not available, Needle and Spike can be good alternatives.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features good Parts, including the fairly versatile Knight Shield Blade and the popular Taper Bit. This Beyblade along with the Shark Edge 3-80F combo give even more value to the Dran Dagger Deck Set.

Therefore, Knight Shield 5-80T is a great addition in any Beyblade collection.

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