Shark Edge 3-80F

WEIGHT : Approx. 43,85 g
RELEASE DATE : November 2nd, 2023

Description of Shark Edge 3-80F

Released with the BX-20 Dran Dagger Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Shark Edge 3-80F is a right-spin attack type combination.

This Beyblade is an opportunity to get the strong Shark Edge Blade, previously released as a Prize in the Random Booster Volume 1. This stock combination is a strong one, using good Parts that create good synergy. The result is a very aggressive and mobile attack type combo, capable of inflicting powerful attacks. However, the high friction of Flat and its aggressiveness result in poor stamina potential. Therefore, the main purpose of this stock combination is to knock opposing Beyblades out.

Blade : Shark Edge

Shark Edge is a right-spin Blade featuring a very aggressive design. This Blade features two upward slanting contact points. The shape of the contact points allows to perform upper attacks. This Blade’s smash attacks are very powerful, allowing the combination to burst or knock opposing Beyblades out with relative consistency.

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Ratchet : 3-80

3-80 (or Three Eighty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation. This Ratchet features three “blades” along its perimeter, and it is 8 mm tall. Its tall height makes it easier to strike from below, increasing burst risk. Therefore, it usually is a preferred option in attack type combinations.

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Bit : Flat (F)

Flat is an attack type Bit. It features a round, flat tip with a shallow indentation. This design is intended to create aggressive movements, helping the combination to reach the X-Line and perform the Xtreme Dash.

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How to Improve Shark Edge 3-80F

Flat is good attack Bit, but replacing it with Taper can make the combination competitive. Taper may not be as agressive as Flat, but its higher stamina potential makes it a safer option.

Furthermore, 3-80 is also a good Ratchet for this combo, but 3-60 can be experimented with to lower the height of the combination. The lower height will make it slightly easier for the Shark Edge Blade to perform upper attacks. The lower Ratchet will also make the combination more difficult to strike from below, reducing burst risk.

Additionally, players can use Shark Edge in stationary combinations, using 3-60 and the Needle Bit. If Needle is not available, Spike and Orb can be used instead.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features good Parts, including the strong attack oriented Shark Edge Blade. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for players to get an additional copy of the 3-80 Ratchet and Flat, a Bit prone to wear and tear.

Therefore, Shark Edge 3-80F is a great addition in any Beyblade collection.

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