Dran Sword 3-60F

WEIGHT : Approx. 43 g
RELEASE DATE : July 15th, 2023

Description of Dran Sword 3-60F

First released as a Starter as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on July 15th, 2023, Dran Sword 3-60F is a right-spin attack combination, featuring a three-sided aggressive shape. This is the first model released in the Beyblade X Generation.

Heavily used by Takara Tomy in Beyblade X marketing campaign, this Beyblade is the best opportunity to showcase this new generation’s gimmick : the “Xtreme Dash“. Beyblades can now ride the new “X-Line” using the gears on their Bit, resulting in a sudden acceleration that redirects the combination for a strong attack in the center area of the stadium.

Behavior and Performances

Launch technique and behavior

That’s the behavior of Dran Sword 3-60F, going for the X-Line as often as possible during the battle in an attempt to K.O. the opponent in the “Over” or “Xtreme” zones. A technique such as the Banking shoot does not help, it can create a flower pattern but it is useless, Dran Sword will not hit its opponent hard enough, and it may even prevent the Beyblade from reaching the X-Line.

The sliding shoot technique can work at times, but not with enough consistency. If the opponent is struck with this technique right at the start of the battle, a burst finish or an over finish may occur. If the opponent is missed, the sliding shoot will most likely result in the Beyblade bouncing off the wall without riding the X-Line.

Launch power will affect the behavior significantly ; not enough power and the combination will not be able to perform the Xtreme Dash properly. Too much power will result in the combo bouncing off the wall, missing the X-Line and losing stamina.

Therefore, this combination allows anyone to perform the Xtreme Dash with a simple flat launch. Competitive players will no doubt use various launching techniques in the near future. However, positioning is very important, the large square design of the Xtreme Stadium allows players to launch from the left or the right, and aim fairly easily for the edge of the stadium or its center area.


Performance wise, Dran Sword is not the overpowered Beyblade many expected it to be. The new Xtreme Dash gimmick and the new scoring system are affecting the game, but the essence of attack types is preserved to some degree. Such combos are still risky to use, but the reward is much bigger than before, thanks to the new scoring system allowing 2 or 3 points for knock-outs. This stock combination has great K.O. and burst attack potential, but it has poor stamina, similarly to the great attack combos from the previous generation.

Therefore, like in Beyblade Burst, attack type Beyblades such as Dran Sword are all about the early strikes. This Beyblade needs to perform the Xtreme Dash and K.O. or Burst its opponent, or the battle will turn in a stamina contest, that Dran Sword 3-60F is simply not designed to win.

However, on rare occasions, this stock combination can inflict enough damage to stop its opponent spinning entirely. With a Blade featuring upward slanting contact points, this combination can perform upper attacks, which can destabilize or knock the opponent out.

How to Improve Dran Sword

The stock combination is really good, and its Flat Bit is the best attack type Bit so far. The 3-60 Ratchet is also perfect for this Beyblade shape, but replacing 3-60 with 3-80 is usually recommended for competitive players, 3-60 often being used in the Hells Scythe 3-60B combo. 4-60 or 5-60 may not be relevant, since some Ratchets blades would be left too exposed under the three-sided Dran Sword Blade.

Replacing Flat with Low Flat will result in more aggressiveness and attack potential, to the detriment of stamina potential, which is already poor with Flat. Out of the two, the latter is a safer option.

The stock combination suffers from low stamina potential, making Taper a great upgrade. This balance type Bit will increase stamina while preserving some of the mobility and raw attack potential of the stock combination blade.

Therefore, competitive players preferred options may be 3-60 or 3-80 Ratchets and the Taper Bit.

Use in stationary combinations

Another option is to replace Flat with Needle. This Bit will reduce the combination mobility, while allowing more control. Therefore, the combination relies on the Dran Sword Blade attack potential to strike the opponents early. The stationary behavior allows players to be sure that the combo will go in the center area of the stadium, with a fairly high probability of striking the opponent early.

However, this combo has poor balance, and will struggle to perform with consistency. A worn copy of Needle may create more movement and slightly mitigate the balance issue.

Use in stamina combinations

Tournament players are also using the Dran Sword Blade with the Ball stamina Bit, benefiting from the mobile yet controllable behavior of this Bit.

Final Thoughts

Dran Sword 3-60F is a strong and heavy attack type combination. This Beyblade shows that in spite of the new Xtreme Dash and the new scoring system, attack types can be great without being overpowered in Beyblade X.

Furthermore, this Beyblade features three great Xtreme Gear Sports Parts : Flat is one of the best attack type Bits, 3-60 is the most popular Ratchet choice, and Dran Sword is one of the best attack oriented Blades available.

Therefore, Dran Sword is a must have in any player’s collection.

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Katsushika City Collaboration Ver.
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