Greatest Raphael (Layer)

WEIGHT : Approx. 30,8 g
RELEASE DATE : November 13, 2021

Greatest Raphael Layer

Description of the Greatest Raphael Layer

Greatest Raphael is a right-spin layer featuring two gimmicks and a unique design. Unlike other Dynamite Battle layers, Greatest Raphael is a single piece including the armor, the DB core and the blade. Therefore, Greatest Raphael does not feature the “normal” and “high” modes and it cannot be customized.

Greatest Raphael Defense Mode

The first gimmick of Greatest Raphael is the “Defense Mode”, part of the “Overdrive System”. Raphael begins the battle in attack mode, with a plastic armor attached along its perimeter (the Greatest Armor). This armor is divided in two parts, one on each side of the blade, with each part of the armor featuring three pointy protrusions.

With a moderate launch, the armor will remain attached to the blade. With a hard launch, Greatest Raphael gimmick will be triggered : both parts of the armor will detach from the blade thanks to a built-in spring mechanism. Then, once the gimmick is activated, the armor slowly swings upward and transforms as the spin rotation drops, mimicking the “Glory Crown” special attack from the anime. It is worth noting that this gimmick is a lot of fun for kids, and it is easy to activate even for young children if they are using a powerful launcher such as the Full Custom Beylauncher LR.

Defense Mode creates Spin-Equalizing Potential

This is the “Defense Mode” of the combination, intended to create CWD (Center or Centralized Weight Distribution). In theory, this can increase the combination’s balance as the spin velocity decreases. With the armor lifted, the perimeter of the Beyblade will also change shape, going from a slightly agressive design (with the pointy protrusions of the armor) to a perfectly round and smooth perimeter, perfect for spin-equalization.

However, the “Defense mode” can be stopped by the opponent. If the armor is struck it can be reattached to the layer during the battle, cancelling the activation of one or both parts of the “Greatest Armor”.
Furthermore, Greatest Raphael can be destabilized by low and thin blades, such as Prominence if the Prominence Shield is knocked off during battle.

The “Metal Burst Lock”

Greatest Raphael second gimmick is the “Metal Burst Lock”, also part of the “Overdrive System”. Just like the “Greatest Armor” gimmick, a hard launch is required. As the spin velocity of the combination decreases, two metal protrusions will gradually move to create resistance with the forge disc movement, which increases burst resistance. Combined with the decent size of its locks, this layer has good burst resistance.

Final Thoughts

The Greatest Raphael layer lacks weight and customization options to be considered top-tier in a competitive environment. However, this layer can be used in a spin-equalization oriented combination, with performance tips such as Bearing’, Drift, Mobius or Bearing Mobius, making Greatest Raphael a real threat to many left-spin top tier combos.

Therefore, this layer is not necessarily a must have from a competitive point of view, but if you are just starting your Beyblade collection, it can be a great layer to make your first steps in a tournament.

List of Beyblade Products

You can find the Greatest Raphael layer in the following products :

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