Super MR (Blade)

WEIGHT : Approx. 15,55 g (M is 7,9 g, R is 7,65 g)
Release Date : October 8th, 2022

Super MR Blade

Description of the Super MR Blade

First released with the B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 8th, 2022, Super MR is a dual-spin Blade featuring a circular shape and a rugged design.

Super MR Blade Gimmick

This Beyblade features a gimmick : the “Ultimate Fusion System“. The Blade can be separated in two halves, and each half of the Blade can be assembled to any half from another Super Blade, or any half from the King Blade.

Out of the box, Super features one half with a rugged design, made of hard rubber with four protrusions. This half is referred to as “Super R“. The other half has a similar rugged design, this time made of hard plastic. This half features a metal part in its center, and it is referred to as “Super M“.

This is why the stock Blade is called Super MR, featuring a “Metal” half (Super M) and a “Rubber” half (Super R).

Super MR Blade Performances

“Super R” being made of rubber, it creates spin-steal potential, while the “Super M” has more recoil, creating attack potential. Depending on which half of the Blade makes contact with the opposing Beyblade, it can deliver powerful attacks (or counter-attacks) and/or “absorb” the opponent.

SuperKing Mode

When using the Ultimate Fusion System, it is worth noting that using the SuperKing Blade by merging King R/M and Super R/M will result in both halves being symmetrical, each being designed to work in a specific spin direction. King R/M is designed to work in left-spin, while Super R/M is designed to work in right-spin.

Therefore, merging King and Super, which results in the “SuperKing” Blade, can be an option in a dual-spin combination.

Unfortunately, players willing to create a full “Rubber” or a full “Metal” Blade while avoiding this symmetrical design will need to get two copies of the Ultimate Fusion DX Set.

Overall, Super RR performs slightly better than SuperKingRR and Super MM performs slightly better than Superking MM as well.

Super RR and Super MM

Super RR does have spin-steal potential, but the hard rubber used creates too much recoil to make it very efficient. Therefore, the “RR” mode used in a stamina combination can have results, but it is heavily outclassed by Dynamite + F Gear and Wind.

However, Super MM has high attack potential, making it a viable option as a right-spin attack oriented Blade. Like the Xiphoid Blade, it has enough recoil to knock-out a Vanish combo, a match-up that is usually very difficult for right-spin attack combinations.

Therefore, the best results can be obtained by using the “Super MM” Blade, in right-spin mode. As mentioned above, this requires two copies of the Ultimate Fusion DX Set. While this configuration is still outclassed by Guilty, it is one of the best right-spin attack Blades from the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Super MR is a very strong Blade, one of the best right-spin attack Blades from the DB/BU systems. Therefore, this Blade can be a very good addition for players lacking options to fill a complete competitive Deck.

Better results can be obtained by getting two copies of the Ultimate Fusion DX Set in order to assemble Super MM, which is best used as a right-spin attack Blade.

Furthermore, collectors may also enjoy this Blade and the nice “Ultimate Fusion System“.

Therefore, while this Blade is necessarily a must have, it remains a strong, addition in any Beyblade Burst collection.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the Super MR Blade in the following products :


Dynamite Battle

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