Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion-2

WEIGHT : Approx. 71,9 g
RELEASE DATE : October 8th, 2022
Hasbro Ver. : Stellar Hyperion H8 Diagron-Q Guard-Q+Xplosion-7′

Description of Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion-2

Released with the B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set as part of the Burst Ultimate system on October 8th, 2022, Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion-2 is a right-spin attack type combination featuring a circular shape and a rugged design.

Super Hyperion Gimmick

This Beyblade features a gimmick : the “Ultimate Fusion System“.┬áThe Blade can be separated in two halves, and each half of the Blade can be assembled to any half from another Super Blade, or any half from the King Blade.

Out of the box, Super features one half with a rugged design, made of hard rubber with four protrusions. This half is referred to as “Super R“. The other half has a similar rugged design, this time made of hard plastic. This half features a metal part in its center, and it is referred to as “Super M“.

This is why the stock combination is called Super Hyperion MR, the Blade featuring a “Metal” half and a “Rubber” half.

“Super R” being made of rubber, it creates spin-steal potential, while the “Super M” has more recoil, creating attack potential.

Behavior and Performances

This Beyblade has a true attack type behavior, moving with speed around the stadium. The rubber tip of the Xplosion Performance Tip allows to maintain flower patterns, and its free spinning plastic guard provides a decent amount of stamina and LAD (Life-After-Death).

Depending on which half of the Blade makes contact with the opposing Beyblade, Super Hyperion can deliver powerful attacks (or counter-attacks) and/or “absorb” the opponent. The rubber half of the Blade is quite hard, so it does not impede on attack potential too much.

Therefore, this combination can be effective in both same-spin and opposite-spin match-ups, making it a very strong stock combo. The quality of the components featured in this combination create a good attack potential, making it one of the best attack type stock combinations in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

How to Improve Super Hyperion

Friendly Use

In a friendly environment, this Beyblade is strong and coherent out of the box. Collectors who enjoy playing with stock or slightly improved combos won’t need to replace any components from Super Hyperion.

However, players willing to improve this combination can replace Tapered with heavier Forge Discs such as Fortress, Illegal, Over or Giga. Players willing to preserve the Hyperion line identity can also experiment with Xceed’+Z. However, Xplosion is a great attack type Performance Tip featuring decent stamina potential.

Another way to improve the combination is to use the “Ultimate Fusion System”. Players can choose to make the combo more spin-steal oriented by fusing two “R” Blade halves, or more attack oriented by merging two “M” Blade halves.

Unfortunately, players willing to keep King and Super Blades separated will need to get two copies of the Ultimate Fusion DX Set. It is worth noting that when merging King R and Super R, both halves are symmetrical, each being designed to work in a specific spin direction. King R is designed to work in left-spin, while Super R is designed to work in right-spin.

Therefore, players willing to make Hyperion even more attack oriented while keeping it separated from King Blade will have to get two copies of Hyperion, and merge Super M with another Super M.

Competitive Use

Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion-2 feature only one top tier competitive part, the “2” Armor. Usually used in stamina combinations, it is also a popular choice in attack type combinations using the Guilty Blade. Furthermore, players willing to use the Super Blade in a tournament can use “2”, and “4” can be experimented with if available.

The Tapered Forge Disc is not a poor Forge Disc, it it not of the heaviest but it has good OWD. Therefore, players lacking options may use it in a competitive environment. If available, Fortress, Illegal, Over or Giga are great and versatile options, all featuring heavy weight and great weight distribution.

While not considered as top tier, Xplosion is a great Performance Tip, combining Destroy’ free-spinning guard with the aggressiveness of rubber tip drivers. Players willing to increase the aggressiveness of the combination can replace it with Xtreme’, and Destroy’ can be used if more stamina is required.

The Hyperion DB Core is outclassed by other right-spin options, such as Perseus and Kerbeus, but it remains a very good DB Core that can be used in tournaments. The Super Blade is not prone to self-burst, so DB Cores with high burst resistance such as Kerbeus and Belial 2 are not necessarily required.

Overall, players lacking options can assemble a good attack combination based on the Super Blade. While Super MR is fine, Super MM has better performances. Like the Xiphoid Blade, Super MM can pierce through Vanish rubber Blade high defense potential, which shows how strong the Super Blade can be.

Players can also create a dual-spin combo, using the SuperKing MM Blade by merging Super M and King M. The Achilles DB Core can be a good dual-spin DB Core option.

Therefore, a combo like Super MM Perseus Over Xtreme’-2 could be used in a tournament. Players lacking options may use Super MR Hyperion Giga Xplosion-2 or SuperKing MM Achilles Giga Xplosion-2 to fill a competitive deck.

Final Thoughts on Super Hyperion

Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion-2 stock combination is very strong and coherent out of the box, one of the best attack type stock combos in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

While most of its components are not considered as “top tier”, they all remain very strong parts or even alternatives for competitive players lacking options.

Collectors will welcome this coherent stock combination as well, featuring great components and the nice “Ultimate Fusion System” gimmick.

Overall, Super Hyperion is a great addition, adding even more value to the Ultimate Fusion DX Set.

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