Never (Performance Tip)

WEIGHT : Approx. 7,5 g
Release Date : April 24th, 2021

Description of Never

First released with the B-181 Random Booster Volume 25 as part of the Dynamite Battle system on April 24th, 2021, Never is a stamina type Performance Tip, featuring a free spinning sharp tip surrounded by a plastic ring made of POM (Polyoxymethylene), a material known for its low friction. The free spinning tip is very sharp, limiting friction as well.

Never doesn’t match the stamina of competitive Drivers such as Bearing Drift, Bearing’, Drift etc. Nonetheless, it is a very enjoyable Performance Tip, especially in the DB stadium. It can remain stable on the Tornado Ridge section, then suddenly lunge back in the center of the arena, be struck by its opponent, and stabilize itself on the outer area of the stadium again.

This allows the combination to dodge the opposing Beyblade attacks. Overall, the low friction components combined with the free spinning tip of Never allows good mobility in this stadium, while maintaining a decent stamina potential.

In Takara Tomy’s standard arena, Never tends to lose the battle for the stadium’s center easily. When struck by the opponent, the combination is easily pushed back, leaving the stadium’s center open for its opponent and then losing stamina by moving around uselessly.

Against attack combinations, Never can mitigate a few impacts at times, but once its limits have been reached, it can be pushed back in a K.O. pocket or the stadium’s walls.

While not matching top tier drivers such as Bearing Drift, Bearing’, Drift and others, Never is easy to use, allowing the combination to be launched with a lot of strength and control.

Never is better when used against same-spin opponents, but it is worth noting that Never combined with a smooth Blade can be decent in opposite-spin battles.

Finally, as for every component featuring free-spinning parts, Never’s free-spinning tip performance may vary from a model to another.

Final Thoughts on Never

Never is not a must-have for competitive players, being outclassed by a few stamina Drivers now famous in the Beyblade community (High Xtend+’, Drift, Bearing Drift etc.). However, while it is usually best used in same-spin match-ups, it can have decent results in opposite-spin battles.

If used with no real competitive purpose, this Performance Tip is a nice and enjoyable addition in any Beyblade Burst collection.

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