Hells Scythe 3-80B

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,4 g
RELEASE DATE : July 15th, 2023

Hells Scythe 3-80B

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Description of Hells Scythe 3-80B

Hells Scythe 3-80B is a stamina type combination released as a part of the 3on3 Deck Set on July 15th, 2023.

This stock combination is one of the strongest available so far in the Beyblade X generation, featuring one of, if not the best Blade available and one of the best stamina Bits. Combining the Ball Bit with the Hells Scythe Blade is a popular and efficient combination in tournaments. This strong combo has high stamina potential, and is fairly easy to control, and the high recoil of the Blade combined with its semi-mobile behavior make it a stamina/balance type combination.

This Beyblade will typically move in circles, just not wide enough to get out of the center area of the stadium. This behavior gives a chance to dodge early hits from the opponent while staying away from the X-Line. Furthermore, this movement pattern combined to Hells Scythe high recoil can create strong counter attacks. However, the innate recoil-laden nature of this Blade can also result in unlucky hits that can send this combo flying in the walls or one of the stadium’s exits.

Overall, the combination of the Hells Scythe Blade and the Ball Bit is strong and consistent, making it a popular choice in tournaments.

How to Improve

This stock combination is good enough to be used in a competitive environment. Nonetheless, the 3-80 Ratchet can be replaced, while still being a decent option. At the time of writing, players from North America usually prefer the 4-60 Ratchet, while 3-60 seems to be the most popular choice in Japan.

4-80 and 3-80 can be experimented with, but both are usually preferred when Hells Scythe is combined to Taper.

Final Thoughts

This combo features great stamina potential. Capable of consistent performances and relatively safe to use, Hells Scythe 3-80B is one of the very best stock combinations released in this early stage of the Beyblade X Generation. A must have in any player’s collection.

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3on3 Deck Set


BX-02 Red Version
Red Ver. (BX-02)
BX-14 Green Version
Green Ver. (BX-14)
Gold Ver.
Gold Ver.
BX-08 Version
BX-08 Ver.

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