Wizard Arrow 4-60N

WEIGHT : Approx. 40 g
RELEASE DATE : July 15th, 2023

Wizard Arrow 4-60N

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Description of Wizard Arrow 4-60N

Wizard Arrow 4-60N is a defense type combination released as a part of the 3on3 Deck Set on July 15th, 2023.

While intended to be a defense type combo, in reality this Beyblade also features high stamina potential. This stock combination is very stationary, making it easier to control. It can be launched with force and confidence, and still remain steady right in the center of the stadium. The low recoil and smooth shape of the Wizard Arrow Blade allows it to deflect opponent’s hits with consistency, in spite of its light weight. Therefore, this stock combination can be very strong against attack types and defense type combos.

However, this Beyblade lacks balance, making it more difficult to use against other optimized stamina and balance type combinations. The Blade itself lacks balance, and the very sharp shape of Needle creates a tendency to tilt over fairly early in the battles, resulting in increased scraping risk and decreased stamina potential. This also makes the combination easier to destabilize.

Furthermore, while the combination can be safe for an extended period of time due to its stationary behavior, the very low friction of Needle along with its poor to average burst resistance can result is sudden knock-outs and bursts. Additionally, the stationary behavior of this Beyblade can make it an easy target for early Xtreme Dash attacks.

Overall, Wizard Arrow 4-60N is a strong stock combination, featuring high defense and stamina potential.

How to Improve

This stock combination is good enough to challenge top-tier combinations. 4-60 is a great Ratchet for this combo, and does not necessarily need to be replaced. However, 3-60 can be a very good alternative.

Additionally, replacing Needle with High Needle will increase stamina potential. When launched with force, High Needle creates more movement than Needle, allowing the combination to dodge early hits.

If more mobility is required, then Ball is the best stamina Bit featuring a semi-mobile behavior.

Final Thoughts

Featuring high defense and stamina potential, Wizard Arrow 4-60N is a great stock combination. A simple upgrade such as the High Needle Bit can make this combo highly competitive. A must have.

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