Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal’-10

WEIGHT : Approx. 83 g
RELEASE DATE : June 25th, 2022
Hasbro Ver. :¬†Gambit Dragon D8 Karma-Q Zephyr-Q+Eruption-4′

Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal-10

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Description of Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal’-10

Released as part of the Burst Ultimate system on June 25th, 2022, B-199 Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal’-10 Booster is a right-spin attack type combination.

This Beyblade features two different gimmicks, the “Bound Attacks” on Dragon DB Core, and the side blades of the Gatling Blade. Similarly to Valkyrie 1, Dragon features a spring system allowing to perform a rebound when struck by the opponent. Intended to be an offensive tool, it actually works as defensive one, allowing the layer to absorb some of the incoming attacks.

Furthermore, the side blades on the Gatling Blade can be released when struck with enough power. Once released, another strong attack may push those blades back in their original position. Intended to create a more aggressive design, this gimmick does not seem to have a huge impact in battle.

This stock combination is quite heavy, but it behaves like a typical attack type, thanks to the Charge Metal’ Performance Tip. This driver allows to easily create a flower-pattern, but it lacks speed, preventing the combination to strike the opposing Beyblade with enough power.

Overall, this Beyblade feels fairly controllable and easy to use, and it is capable of decent performances against other stock combinations. However, it lacks speed and raw attack power to dominate good stamina and defense type stock combinations.

How to improve Gatling Dragon


While the Gatling Blade lacks raw attack power, it has decent stamina potential, which means that replacing Charge Metal’ with any good stamina type Performance Tip will improve this combo significantly. Therefore stamina drivers such as Bearing’, High Xtend+’ or Bearing Drift will make this combo much more effective, albeit not top tier.

Furthermore, replacing Karma with a better, heavier Forge Disc will also improve performances. Discs such as Giga, Over or Fortress are all great upgrades. If none of those options are available, then Tapered may be used as well.


This Beyblade features two components that can find use in a competitive environment : the “10” Armor, and the Dragon DB Core. Both can be used in a stamina oriented combo, since Dragon has good stamina potential and provides good defense with the rebounds of the “Bound Attacks” gimmick. “10” Armor is one of the best Armors available, it is highly versatile, making it viable in any type of combination.

Therefore, players will need to add a strong stamina Blade such as Wind, Forge Discs such as Giga, Over or Illegal, and a strong stamina Performance Tip such as Bearing’, High Xtend+’ or Bearing Drift. An example of competitive combination could be : Wind Dragon Over High Xtend+’-10.

Final Thoughts on Gatling Dragon

Gatling Dragon Karma Charge Metal’-10 is not a very strong stock combination, but it features interesting components. Only two of them are considered as competitive (Dragon DB Core and “10” Armor) but the Gatling Blade and Charge Metal’ Performance Tip are nice additions nonetheless. Furthermore, this Booster is the only way to get the Gatling Blade, the Dragon DB Core and the Charge Metal’ Performance Tip.

This Beyblade is not a must have, but its individual components and the D Gear that comes with this Booster are great additions in any player’s collection.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

List of Beyblade Components

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