King (Ring)

WEIGHT : Approx. 5,8 g
Release Date : March 28th, 2020

Description of the King Ring

First released with the B-160 Booster King Helios Zone 1B as part of the Superking Layer system on March 28th, 2020, King is a left-spin balance type Ring.

King has a circular shape, featuring five large blades along its perimeter. Additionally, there are five smaller blades in between the larger ones. The larger blades are meant to create Upper Attack potential and “continuous hits”, while the smaller blades are meant to create defense potential by deflecting attacks.

In reality, the larger blades are not aggressive enough to create significant attack potential. King does not create upper attacks, and the effect of the smaller blades is negligible. Furthermore, this Ring is designed to create synergy with the 1B Chassis, a Double Chassis featuring five blades along its perimeter.

Depending on how 1B is assembled to King, players can align 1B blades with King main contact points, which is meant to increase attack potential. If players do not align the blades, the result is a 10 bladed design, meant to increase defense potential. Unfortunately, changing modes does not have a significant impact on how King performs. However, aligning 1B blades with King five larger blades is usually the preferred mode.

During the Superking system, King was not considered as a highly competitive Ring. However, it found use in attack type combinations and stamina/spin-stealing combos.

In attack oriented combos, it was often combined with 1B Double Chassis to increase burst resistance, and Drivers such as Xtreme’, Destroy’ or Xceed’ for example.

In stamina type combinations, it can be combined with 1B, and Xtend+ or Bearing Performance Tips. Players willing to use a Forge Disc instead can use 1S and a Disc such as Outer or Wheel. Superking Chips such as Helios, Helios 2, Longinus or Diabolos can be used in both attack and stamina type combinations.

Final Thoughts on King Ring

Intended to be a balance type Ring with decent attack and defense potential, King lacks weight and aggressiveness to create significant attack power. While not highly competitive, this Ring is a decent option from the Superking Layer system, which is best used in spin-stealing combinations.

This Ring is now heavily outclassed in the Dynamite Battle / Burst Ultimate meta-game. It has a successor released as part of the the Burst Ultimate Layer Series, the King MR Blade.

Therefore, this Ring cannot be recommended to competitive players. However, it can be a nice addition for collectors playing with Superking models.

List of Beyblade Burst Products

You can find the King Ring in the following products :

  • B-160 King Helios Zone 1B
  • B-162 Beyblade Superking Battle Set : King Helios Zone 1B (Special Ver.)
  • B-170-03 Random Booster Vol. 21 : King Fafnir 8′ Defense 1S
  • B-178-02 Random Booster Vol. 24 : King Helios Survive 1B (Fire Gold Ver.)
  • B-196-05 Random Booster Vol. 28 : King Helios Karma High Charge’ 1S (Demon King Ver.)
  • B-00 King Helios (Gold Ver.)

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