Knight Lance 3-60LF

WEIGHT : Approx. 41,35 g
Release Date : November 2nd, 2023

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Description of Knight Lance 3-60LF

Released with the BX-21 Hells Chain Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Knight Lance 3-60LF is a right-spin attack type combination.

This Beyblade is a very aggressive attack type combo, due to the high friction of the Low Flat Bit. It also features the strong and fairly versatile Knight Lance, which comes in a yellow recolored version. 3-60 is one of, if not the most popular Ratchet used in top tier combinations.

The result is a very aggressive and mobile combo, capable of inflicting powerful attacks. However, the high friction of Low Flat results in poor stamina potential and an increased risk of self knock-out. Therefore, the main purpose of this stock combination is to burst or knock opposing Beyblades out as quickly as possible.

Blade : Knight Lance

Knight Lance is a right-spin Blade featuring a three-sided shape and a semi-agressive design. It has decent stamina potential, and its three-sided design creates decent attack and defense potential. Those attributes make Knight Lance a fairly versatile, counter attack oriented Blade.

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Ratchet : 3-60

3-60 (or Three Sixty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation. This Ratchet features three “blades” along its perimeter, and it is 6 mm tall. Its lower height makes it more difficult to strike from below, decreasing burst risk. Therefore, it is a very popular option in many combination types.

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Bit : Low Flat (LF)

Low Flat (or LF) is an attack type Bit. It is the low variant of the Flat Bit.
“LF” features a round, flat tip. This design results in high levels of friction, creating very aggressive movements. This Bit allows the combination to ride the X-Line and perform the Xtreme Dash with high velocity and power.

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How to Improve Knight Lance 3-60LF

This stock combination can be easily improved by replacing Low Flat with Ball. The Knight Lance 3-60B combination was actually recommended by Takara Tomy, and it is indeed a very strong combo, which became popular in Beyblade tournaments. Ball seem to make the most of the Knight Lance Blade design, resulting in a strong and versatile combination.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features great Parts, including the strong and versatile Knight Lance Blade. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for players to get one of the most popular Ratchets, 3-60, as well as an additional copy of Low Flat, a Bit being prone to wear and tear.

Therefore, Knight Lance 3-60LF is a great addition in any Beyblade collection.

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