Wizard Arrow 4-80N

WEIGHT : Approx. 40,65 g
Release Date : November 2nd, 2023

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Description of Wizard Arrow 4-80N

Released with the BX-21 Hells Chain Deck Set as part of the Xtreme Gear Sports system on November 2nd, 2023, Wizard Arrow 4-80N is a right-spin defense type combination.

This Beyblade is a defense oriented combo featuring good stamina potential. Wizard Arrow has good stamina and low recoil, which allows this stock combo to deflect many attacks from opposing Beyblades. Needle features high stamina and low levels of friction, creating a stationary behavior. However, due to the Blade design and the sharp tip of Needle, the combination may wobble and destabilize.

Therefore, this stock combination will remain steady in the center area of the stadium while deflecting incoming attacks. However, the low friction of Needle creates poor knock-out resistance, and its very sharp tip can result in the combination tilting over early in battle. The main purpose of this stock combination is to out-spin opposing Beyblades (Spin Finish).

Blade : Wizard Arrow

Wizard Arrow is a right-spin Blade featuring a relatively round, smooth shape. Wizard Arrow has relatively low recoil, increasing its defense potential. The Blade’s low recoil make it easier for the combination to deflect opponent’s strikes and creates good knock-out resistance.

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Ratchet : 4-80

4-80 (or Four Eighty) is a Ratchet from the Beyblade X generation. This Ratchet features four “blades” along its perimeter, and it is 8 mm tall. Its taller height makes it easier to strike from below, increasing burst risk. Therefore, it usually is a preferred option in attack type combinations.

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Bit : Needle (N)

Needle (or N) is a defense type Bit. It features a conical shape and a sharp tip. The shape of the Bit results in a docile, controllable stationary behavior, making the combination steady in the middle of the stadium. This behavior allows the player to launch the combo with force and confidence.

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How to Improve Wizard Arrow 4-80N

This stock combination can be improved by replacing the 4-80 Ratchet with lower options, such as 4-60 or 3-60. This will make the combination more difficult to strike from below, increasing its burst resistance.

Furthermore, replacing Needle with High Needle will improve stamina potential. The behavior of the combination will be slightly different, High Needle having a tendency to create more movement in the early stage of the battle. This combo, Wizard Arrow 4-60HN is used in tournaments.

Final Thoughts

This stock combination features great Parts, such as the very popular Needle Bit and the Wizard Arrow Blade.

Therefore, Wizard Arrow 4-80N is a great addition in any Beyblade collection.

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