Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6

WEIGHT : Approx. 74,4 g
RELEASE DATE : October 2nd, 2021

Description of Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6

Released with the Dynamite Battle All-in-One Set as part of the Dynamite Battle system on October 2nd, 2021, Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6 is a defense type combination.
It is a modified and recolored version of Roar Bahamut Giga Moment-10 ; read the complete article here to know more about the features and gimmicks of the Bahamut DB core and the Roar blade.

This version of Roar Bahamut features a different Armor, a different Forge Disc and a different Performance Tip. With this stock combination, Roar still shines as a great defense blade, and the Metal Drift driver turns this Beyblade in a spin-stealing combo. With this performance tip, Roar Bahamut will be a massive threat for any right-spin combination, but it can struggle against other left-spin models.

When launched with a light to moderate launch, this combination will behave as a stamina Beyblade, but it will be hard to control when launched with force. With the Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6 combo, hard launches will only be required against left-spin opponents. Players need to find the sweet spot when launching : too much power will cause the combination to go over the tornado ridge and get knocked-out or bounce off the stadium walls.

How to improve Roar Bahamut

Friendly Use

In a friendly environment, Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6 is a really strong stock combination, one of the best spin-equalizing stock combos of the Dynamite Battle system. The only way to improve it while preserving the layer and the Beyblade identity is to replace the Karma forge disc with a better component. Giga, Over, Illegal, or even Fortress are all great options to make Roar Bahamut even stronger.

Competitive Use

This combination features three competitive components : the Bahamut DB core, the 6 armor and the Metal Drift performance tip. All three are top-tier stamina parts ; only a Blade and a Forge disc are needed to create a highly competitive combination. The Vanish and Burst blades are usually the preferred choice for left-spin stamina combos, and Giga, Over, Illegal and Nexus + S Gear are the most popular Forge Discs. Therefore, an example of competitive Beyblade could be something like : Vanish Bahamut Over Metal Drift-6.

Final Thoughts on Roar Bahamut

Since Roar Bahamut Giga Moment-10 can be very difficult to get (Random Booster Volume 26 Prize Bey), the Dynamite Battle All-in-One Set is the only other way to get the Bahamut DB core.
Furthermore, it is also the only way to get the Metal Drift performance tip, one of the very best drivers in the competitive meta-game.

Therefore, Roar Bahamut Karma Metal Drift-6 is a must-have in any player’s collection.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

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