Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2

WEIGHT : Approx. 68,6 g
RELEASE DATE : April 24th, 2021

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Description of Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2

Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2 is a right-spin stamina type combination, released with the B-181 Random Booster Volume 25 as part of the Dynamite Battle on April 24th, 2021. This Beyblade is an alternative to this Random Booster’s Prize Beyblade, Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never-6.

This translucent red recolored version of Cyclone Ragnaruk has a different Armor, Forge Disc and Performance Tip than the Prize version. The 2 armor is well balanced, just like 6, but Nexus is lighter than Giga, and Rise does not behave like Never. Overall, the stock combination of the Prize Beyblade Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never-6 is better.

With a brand new Rise driver, Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2 tends to be easily destabilized, and can prove to be hard to control at launch. Once stabilized, the combination will behave like a traditional stamina combo, with average performances.

How to improve Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2

Friendly Use

In a friendly environment, if players want to preserve the Layer, then here are a few potential upgrades :

Rise has poor performances, but it can improve and become an interesting option once it gets worn (awakened). It’s entirely up to the players to decide if they want to give Rise a chance by wearing it down, which can be a long process.

If players don’t want to use Rise, then the popular Bearing’, Bearing Drift or High Xtend+’ Drivers will improve this combination’s performances significantly.

However, if players want to keep their stamina combinations at an average level to keep the game balanced, then they may want to use drivers such as Revolve, Kick, or Never.

Furthermore, Nexus can be replaced with a better, heavier Forge Disc such as Giga or Over, or it can be upgraded with S Gear.

Competitive Use

Nexus can be upgraded with the addition of the S Gear in free-spinning mode, very useful in opposite-spin battles, and the well balanced 2 armor can find a place in competitive combinations.

The round and smooth Cyclone is decent against opposite spin combinations, and remains a very good stamina Blade despite its smaller size. However, Blades such as Dynamite + F Gear, or Wind are usually preferred right-spin stamina options when playing in a competitive environment.

Final Thoughts

With only two potentially competitive parts, Nexus and 2, which can be found in many other models, this Beyblade is not a must-have.

From a non-competitive point of view, this model is a welcome addition if players cannot get the Prize Beyblade Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never-6.

Therefore, Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2 can be a nice addition for collectors.

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