Devil Xcalibur Moon High Wave’-2

WEIGHT : Approx. 70,9 g
RELEASE DATE : September 10th, 2022

Description of Devil Xcalibur Moon High Wave’-2

Released with the B-202 Random Booster Vol. 30 as part of the Burst Ultimate system on September 10th, 2022, Devil Xcalibur Moon High Wave’-2 is a right-spin balance type combination.

This Beyblade is not coherent enough to have decent performances, with components that do not create a lot of synergy. However, it features some interesting parts, like the great Devil Blade. The combination features the “BU Lock” gimmick, thanks to the Xcalibur DB Core and the Moon Forge Disc, increasing Burst resistance.

Collectors can be interested by this recolored version of the Xcalibur DB Core, since it is required to assemble the black Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 (Demon Sword Ver.).

Furthermore, it introduced a new Performance Tip, High Wave’, a high variant of Wave’.

Blade : Devil

Devil is a right-spin Blade featuring three contact points.

Advertised as an attack Blade, in reality, this Blade will struggle to be efficient in an attack combination : it lacks weight, and its shape is not agressive enough.

However, Devil with F Gear is one of the best right-spin stamina Blades in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

See the complete article on the Devil Blade here.

DB Core : Xcalibur

Xcalibur features a small metal sword which can extend outwards. This metal sword adds weight to the core, making it one of the heaviest DB Cores of the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

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Forge Disc : Moon

Moon features an outer plastic part with a circular shape.

The plastic part of Moon features two gaps, which increases OWD (Outward Weight Distribution). This design results in increased stamina potential. However, similarly to Xanthus, it has a low hanging shape that creates a high scraping risk, making the combination difficult to use.

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Performance Tip : High Wave’

High Wave’ features a very small and sharp plastic tip barely protruding from a flat round base. This lower part of the driver is sitting right under a wide fixed plastic ring, unable to tilt or rotate/spin.

High Wave’ is best used against same-spin stamina combinations.

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Armor : 2

2” has its weight evenly distributed at two opposite points.

This even weight distribution brings balance and good stamina to any combination.

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How to improve Devil Xcalibur Moon High Wave’-2

Friendly Use

In a non-competitive environment, the easiest way to improve this stock combination is to attach F Gear to the Devil Blade. This upgrade will improve the combination without making it overpowered.

If Moon causes too much scraping, players can feel free to replace it with any other option, except Xanthus. The latter will cause a similar scraping risk. Karma can prevent scraping, but it won’t bring much stamina potential. Over or Giga are some of the best options.

Competitive Use

This Beyblade features several components that can find use in a competitive environment : the “2” Armor and the Devil Blade. Attaching F Gear will make Devil top tier, and Perseus or Kerbeus are great DB Core options to create a very competitive Layer. If available, players can use the “0“, “10” or “6” Armors instead of “2”.

Fortress, Illegal, Over, Giga are great Forge Discs featuring high OWD, and Performance Tips such as High Xtend+’, Bearing’ or Bearing Drift are great options to create a competitive stamina combo based on the Devil Blade.

The Devil Blade combined with the F Gear and Wind are the best right-spin stamina Blades in the Dynamite Battle and Burst Ultimate systems.

Final Thoughts on Devil Xcalibur

Devil Xcalibur Moon High Wave’-2 is a hybrid Beyblade, featuring components of various types. Therefore, the stock combo is not coherent and will have average performances.

However, this model comes with two top tier competitive parts (Devil and “2”) and a unique Performance Tip, making it a great addition for competitive and non competitive players alike.

Collectors willing to assemble the black recolored Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword’-1 (Demon Sword Ver.) will need the Xcalibur DB Core from this combination as well.

Below you’ll find the list of all the components from this product with a link to their detailed description.

List of Beyblade Components

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